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How I Grew Up Black In America

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This book is an inspirational self-help narrative that depicts actual events from the life of the author as it relates to his childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences. 

This introductory novel in the Follow the Exit Signs Book Series is designed to empower young people and adults alike to raise awareness of the good and bad choices as a results of our experiences.

Though written from the prospective of a minority, it's message is diverse and speaks to the issues the majority of society faces as a result of the childhood trauma and adverse experiences we face.

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How I Grew Up, Black in America 
Counteractive Trauma Workbook

How I Grew Up, BLACK in America “Counteractive Trauma Workbook” is designed to help readers analyze their thinking in relation to the decisions we face and the potential outcomes of the choices we make. This workbook correlates with How I Grew Up, BLACK in America “The Many Colors of S-Dot” , self-help narrative that depicts the life of its author.

Each chapter of the novel is accompanied by a principle-based learning lesson in this workbook pertaining to the Educational, Environmental and Institutional trauma we face early in life. We strongly suggest that this Counteractive Trauma Workbook be used only as one goes through the novel associated with this work.

Based on an interdisciplinary model, these resources were created to help individuals and groups recognize our personal trauma and triggers that we commonly overlook. We educate minds and dedicating spirits, that liberate communities. This work exposes and analyzes some of the common risk factors that lead to the perpetuation of crime, acts of violence, incarceration and ultimately death.

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This course works to improve the social, emotional and environmental state of vulnerable individuals and families who have been affected by death, devastation and the effects of incarceration. In vision, this course was developed to see those who’ve faced trauma now, living safe, respectable and self-sustaining lives.

Here, we have an opportunity to self-assess our perspective of the adverse childhood experiences that many in our society face from day to day. Trauma, abuse, intimidation, belonging, discipline, biases, loss, and neglect are just some of the topics covered in these literary works.

In this way, education, dedication, and liberation are the principles on which these interdisciplinary studies were founded and co-missioned to operate in conjunction with the needs of social, educational and institutional service entities. Established to penetrate the hearts and inspire the minds towards self-betterment.

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Literary Comprehension Groups

Counteractive Trauma Reading Groups focus on reading comprehension, trauma identification and resilience focused interventions. This process is designed to be in alignment with the S.I.T.C.A.P. Model Framework. 

  • ​10 Week Book Club: How I Grew Up Black in America
  • ​​Resilience Resource: The Counteractive Workbook
  • Accountability Calls: Private Facebook Q & A Sessions

Reading Assistance Audiobook Offer

First 3 Chapters in Video Below

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How I Grew Up
Black in America


Trauma is a problem because it can affect memory, cognition, attention, and abilities to organize and process information. It can also disrupt schooling and increase absences.

However, the variations in the types and degrees of trauma and in the resilience of those who experience trauma are so great as to make outcomes unpredictable. In other words, even severe trauma won’t necessarily hamper someone’s learning.

There is so much individual variation both in the traumatic events and in students that one cannot be sure whose learning will be disrupted.

Auditory learning means that a student learns most effectively by listening. They would prefer listening to a lecture over reading a textbook, or hearing the instructions for a project instead of figuring it out hands-on.

Students who prefer auditory learning over tactile or visual will be focused on listening instead of seeing, reading, or physically trying in order to learn.

Auditory learners like to hear things in order to process the information best, which is often a good option for classroom learning.  

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Skip Straight to the Trilogy 

Follow the Exit Sign Book Series

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How I Grew Up Black in America

The Many Colors of S-Dot

The introductory novel in the Follow the Exit Sign Series. This book is based on the childhood trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences of the author Byron D. Alexander

Educational Trauma = Cause
Author's Life Age: 0-17 yrs old

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How I Grew Up Black in America

Counteractive Trauma Workbook

The introductory novel in the Follow the Exit Sign Series. This book is based on the childhood trauma and Adverse Childhood Experiences of the author Byron D. Alexander

Educational Trauma = Cause
Author's Life Age: 0-17 yrs old

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Follow the Exit Sign Vol. I

Hustler from the Start, Anointed at Heart

Opens up fresh off a drug raid as the author reflects on what lead up to the risk of facing jail time as a result of his bad decisions

Environmental Trauma = Choice
Author's Life Age: 18-21 yrs old.

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Follow the Exit Sign Vol. II

Destroy & Rebuild

Picks up on the story at the raid where police find guns, drugs and money.

Self-Inflicted Trauma = Decision
Author's Life Age: 20-23 yrs old

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Resilience Focused Processes

Develop Supportive Adult-Child Relationships By Bridging Trauma Identified Communication Gaps.

  • ​Identify: Pain Problems
  • ​Magnify: Purpose Potential
  • ​Solidify: Roles Responsibilities

Trauma-Informed, Resilience Focused  

Video Training Course

Ready To Get Started Developing Supportive Relationships Today?

10 Lesson Video Training

Private Facebook Group

Student Parent Learning Community

Trauma-Informed Learning

Facebook Community is here to support students and adults develop and strengthen supportive adult-child relationships in six-days or less.

Designed to help Identify childhood trauma and unleash the superhero in you to use trauma as a tool to overcome. 

  • Trust and Confidentiality Community Groups
  • Weekly Group Trauma Intervention Discussions
  • In depth Resilience Focused Question & Answer Sessions 
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